ATM Placements

With the continued increase in self-service and online only banking, ATMs are the key to convenient cash access for consumers. By providing this easy access to funds, retailers can reap the benefits.

  • 85% of adults have debit cards - with half of all adults using ATMs regularly

  • Customers typically spend between 20-25% more in retail locations where they use ATMs 

  • 15% of Americans utilize ATMs as their primary banking system - making retail locations with ATMs a destination for many consumers

Find out how your business can reap the rewards of onsite ATMs, without the hassle of managing equipment, maintenance and daily operations.


BFC Enterprises offers a variety of ATM options for merchants including:


No extra work or capital expenses. BFC owns and operates the ATM. Merchants aren't responsible for filling it with cash, doing maintenance or even changing the paper roll.   


If you are more hands on then this program is for you! BFC supplies the ATM, handles installation and regular maintenance. Merchant owners are only responsible for keeping the ATM supplied with cash. And, any money withdrawn is automatically re-desposited into your bank account.


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ATM Branding

In today's world of advertising saturation, standing out in the crowd requires more than repetition - it needs interaction directly with audiences. ATM branding provides a unique opportunity to market to the wide range of ATM users - with the added benefit of being coupled with an interactive experience.

Increased Traffic and Brand Reach

Statistics show that consumers use a branded ATM over non-branded ATMs, even when the branding institution is not the bank or credit union with which they typically do business. Industry strategists report that ATMs with branding do an average of 20-40% more transactions than non-branded ATMs, depending on the location.

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ATM Managed Services

ATMs are an essential part of the banking landscape with over 95% of account holders using them annually - most visiting the machine at least once per week. However, most financial institutions find management of an ATM fleet can be costly with high demands on employees to ensure consistent up-time and aesthetic. Management of the ATM network has been reported to consume 35% or more of a financial institution's operating budget including, but not limited to:

  • Vendor Contract Negotiation

  • Cash Load Scheduling

  • Communication with Vendors to Resolve Customer Issues

  • Monitor Machines for Receipt Paper & Cash Replenishment

  • Track Maintenance Schedules & Issues for Timely Resolution

  • Transaction Processing

  • Cash Replenishment/Armored Car Service

  • Reporting

  • Compliance [ADA, PCI, triple-DES, EMV and future liability compliance concerns]

  • First Line Maintenance

  • Second Line Maintenance

Managed Services from BFC Enterprises consolidates all of these tasks and places them directly in the hands of ATM professionals - freeing up employee time and managing costs to a single, predictable monthly service fee. Contact us today to discover how you can benefit from our ATM Managed Services program.


Bitcoin & Crypto ATMs

Earn Extra Income


Start building additional revenue by hosting a Bitcoin / Crypto ATM in your location. Our services can help you turn a mere 18" x 23" of space into incremental monthly income as soon as the machine is installed.

Appeal to More Customers

Bitcoin and Crypto currencies are steadily becoming mainstream and appealing to an even wider audience than ever before. As a crypto-currency host, your location will be featured on Bitcoin and Crypto ATM locators, helping your business grow its customer base and increase brand exposure.

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