The Sports Academy Finds Success with Local Amusement Games Provider

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As a premier St. Louis sporting and activity facility The Sports Academy provide a venue for children and adults to practice a variety of activities. In addition to indoor soccer fields and an indoor play area, the facility provides a variety of amusement games for all ages. In fact, the gaming area is a big hit with the kids...but that wasn’t always the case.

The Problem

“When we first opened we had a company operating the game machines who just couldn’t keep up,” said Justin McMillian, General Manager for The Sports Academy. “The customer service was not good and it took a while for games to be fixed when something went wrong.”

As a family-oriented facility, practices and training sessions often leave siblings and other family members in need of entertainment. Amusement games are a big factor in keeping everyone occupied. However, regular breakdowns and slow maintenance were leaving many people frustrated.

The Sports Academy had to find a new vendor. One that could provide reliable machines and keep up with the demand the facility’s visitors put on amusement games. So they began their search for a provider that could better fit their needs.

The Solution

After a series of interviews, The Sports Academy Hired BFC Enterprises (BFC) to take over their amusement game area.

“We met with several different groups,” said McMillian, “but we were very impressed with the professionalism of Todd and his company.”

Once the old equipment was removed, BFC brought in all new machines, specifically targeted to the demographic using the amusement games. In order to ensure ongoing satisfaction, the company monitors the games, changing out equipment that is not performing and maintaining appropriate prize levels.

The Benefits

Now, The Sports Academy has a fully operational amusement gaming area complete with updated games and regular changes to prizes. The result has been better customer service...and more money for the business. When asked which games are especially attractive McMillian laughed.

“All of them,” he said. “The kids really like to win prizes.”

Find out more about BFC Enterprises Amusement Game placements and services.

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