Cards Over Coins: The Benefits of Reloadable Plastic for Arcades and Game Rooms

Reloadable Cards can benefit many for Arcades and Gamerooms

Most people associate arcades and game rooms with a pocket full of quarters or tokens – the familiar jingle a fond memory of good times with friends and family. Despite this tradition, bigger gaming establishments like Dave &Busters and Incredible Pizza have abandoned the time-honored coin setup for a different system ...reloadable cards. Now, amusements providers are beginning to offer similar options to smaller arcades and game rooms. But what are the benefits of cards versus coins?

  • Better Data & Reporting – Rather than counting coins or tokens after the fact, card systems provide game use information in near real time. This can help operators and establishments better determine busiest days/times and even general audience – leading to better decisions on game selection and placements.

  • Increased Machine Up-Time – Tokens and quarters can cause jams or fill up boxes. Card systems eliminate customer frustration and loss of revenue by eliminating these mechanisms.

  • Better Party Packages – Card systems allow establishments to pre-load cards with specific amounts for group events. This option expands the benefits of party/event packages while encouraging additional game play.

  • Update Pricing Based on Times/Events – Unlike coin/token operated game rooms, card systems allow prices to be temporarily or permanently adjusted with ease. Operators and establishments can raise or lower pricing based on time of day, event or other factors. Pricing adjustments can also be applied to specific games to take advantage of new releases, popularity, etc.

  • Better Marketing – Reloadable cards are more likely to be kept in customers’ wallets than in their pockets, encouraging continued use and higher visibility. Cards can be customized with individual establishment brand and messages to take advantage of regular viewing and promote return customers.

There are many advantages to using reloadable cards over the standard coins or tokens seen at many amusement game rooms and arcades. Larger gaming establishments are already capitalizing on these benefits. Now, other amusement locations can realize the value of cashless/loyalty systems, too.

To find out how your arcade or gaming room can benefit from reloadable cards, contact BFC Enterprises today!

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