Amusement Game Tournaments Help Create Real Revenue Opportunities

Entertainment venues and food establishments are always faced with the ongoing question…how do we grow revenue? Many turn to catering and event rentals. But there may be an easier way to ensure regular customers and maintain excitement - amusement game tournaments.

The ultimate goal of any game event is to entice a large group of people to spend time at the venue leading to an increase in overall sales in addition to fees incurred for actual game play. These tournaments can be one-time or assigned recurring time frames. Tournaments can have numerous forms. They are designed to occur on the same night at the same time for a specified time frame, similar to a bowling league – with advertised prizes. Or they can run for weeks or months at a time. If planned properly, amusement game tournaments bring in a committed group meaning customers for the establishment. These types of programs have become popular enough to develop world-wide followings and in some cases have factory or name brand sponsored championships.

Some of the most popular game tournaments and leagues are formed around billiards, darts and Golden Tee golf. However, other games also lend well to the platform including Silver Strike bowling, air hockey and Buck Hunter. Scoring programs can be maintained in-house or through your amusement game operator.

The key to creating an enticing game tournament program is to plan ahead. Talk to current and target clientele to gauge interest. Know your timelines such as how often the groups will meet and for how long. Determine which time of the year and days of the week will help your business and not conflict with your target audience schedules.

In general, remember that amusement game tournaments should be bringing in business rather than deterring regulars and overtaxing staff. If you want to bring in more revenue but have questions about when or how to best utilize your games to create attractive tournaments, contact your local amusement game operator for more details.

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