“That Sounds Good”… How Proper Sound Setup Can Improve Customers’ Experience

Have you ever been sitting somewhere attempting to enjoy yourself but you can’t…because something sounds off? Perhaps you hear a bit of static. Maybe the background music is wavering in and out. More often there is simply something about the sound of the location that is just a bit wrong. This is a common problem that can steadily drive customers away.

There are a variety of reasons any of these sound problems could be occurring, but it is important for restaurant, bar or other venue owner to address the issue as soon as it begins. Malfunctioning speakers or faulty wiring are fairly common, especially in older systems – but the problem could be something simple and much easier to resolve. Some things to look for include:

  • Crackling – If your system is putting out a crackling noise, a faulty connection is often the issue. In some cases, the speaker may be at fault and needs replacing

  • Unbalanced Vocals/Music – In situations where the music simply sounds wrong, an adjustment to the base, vocals and faders in the sound system could be the answer. The majority of sound systems have built-in system adjustments to allow changes based on speaker performance, music preference, etc. TouchTunes hardware has custom music programming designed to change the levels of mix for input and output of the box.

  • Unbalanced Output Within Location – If the music in your location is perfect in one area but not in another, it could a fader issue. However, if adjusting the faders in your onsite system doesn’t work, it is likely a wiring or speaker failure problem.

When worse comes to worse, try adjusting fader or output settings to resolve sound problems. If the simple solution fails, contact your system operator to have everything thoroughly inspected. Because your customers may come to your venue for the food and/or entertainment – but they stay because you sound good.

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