5 Reasons Bars and Nightclubs Should Consider Digital Jukeboxes

The jukebox has enjoyed prized positioning at popular nightlife locations for decades. Music is a crucial element of any venue and patrons enjoy the ability to pay to play specific songs when they want to hear them. However, disc and record based machines limit the available music – both for standard play as well as selection for a customer base now used to unfettered digital access to a vast music library.

Digital jukeboxes, however, are changing the game for bars and nightclubs. Here are just five of the many reasons you need a digital jukebox in your location.

  1. Massive Library of Music – Each digital jukebox system has access to hundreds of thousands of songs, without the square footage required for a larger analogue machine.

  2. Control What Your Systems Play – Venue operators have full control over what genres and songs are played on their machines. Restrictions can even be applied to music categories available to patrons…since it would ruin the mood at a country club to suddenly have techno playing.

  3. Routine Updates – Libraries available on digital jukeboxes are routinely updated. Some brands offer as many as three million+ tracks while others offer more than 300,000. Because of the regular updates, the libraries are continuously growing and changing.

  4. App Integration for Customers – Some music systems offer downloadable applications, allowing patrons to spend money and interact with the venue’s digital jukebox system without leaving their seat.

  5. Additional Features – Many digital jukeboxes offer additional features for the adventurous venue operator. Added options such as Karaoke have proven to be big hits in some locations.

No matter what type of nightlife venue you operate, music is likely to be a big part of the mix. Digital jukeboxes allow for smaller footprint with a wider variety of music than traditional music solutions. To find out more about digital jukeboxes and whether they are the right fit for your location, contact BFC Enterprises today!

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