3 Great Reasons to Have an On-Site Photo Booth

Photo booths are popping up everywhere. From movie theatres, amusement parks and malls to birthday parties, these picture machines are seeing a continued rise in popularity. Here are just a few reasons your venue should consider a photo booth.

Custom Photos

Customers like to be unique. The custom abilities of a photo booth allow your venue to offer backgrounds and options that will provide customers with a way fun way to remember your location…and remember why they want to return.

Entertainment & Reward

Customers like to win and similar to instant win games every use of a photo booth provides a prize. Newer photo booths even provide added interaction through a connection to social media and an inside/outside booth image options.

Customer Appeal

In addition to their general appeal, photo booths are now widely recommended on event planning websites. Reviewers state they keep attendees happy and are often more popular than party games or a dance floor. For venues that offer rental and/or reservations for group events on-site photo booths can be an additional draw.

In the age of the selfie, photo booths - especially social media connected booths - are a very popular activity. They draw customers, provide additional brand reminders and draw added opportunities for revenue.

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