4 Tips to Attract Customers to your Bar or Restaurant

For event locations such as bars and restaurants it is essential to stand out from the crowd. But that can be tough in such a competitive market where the “latest scene” may be more attractive than other, more reliable venues. Fortunately, there are several ways to make sure customers not only keep coming back but spread the word to new visitors as well.

  1. Offer a variety of high quality drinks…and/or food. People will always come back for quality food and service. Keep top sellers in stock but rotate options enough to keep explorers and trends setters interested and happy.

  2. Promotions and themes. Almost everyone likes a good deal…and a good party! In addition to discounts and specials, a party or other special event such as karaoke, wine tasting or food sampling can lure in new and existing customers.

  3. Advertising. Find out where your target audience is going to take in their media. Is it a local magazine, Facebook, Instagram or a digital publication? Whatever media they are using – invest in advertising there.

  4. Create ambience. Good music makes a venue. Make sure your location is equipped with a wide variety of music that will appeal to your target audience such as having a jukebox on premise. Hosting live entertainment of the appropriate genre can be a big draw, as well.

These simple tips can help your location stay at the top of its game…and keep customers coming back regularly. For more information about how music and entertainment can help your location thrive, contact the amusements experts at BFC Enterprises today!

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