Generate Revenue through ATM Coupons

Increasing sales is an ongoing process of encouraging customers to sample your product or service. Having an ATM on-site draws potential customers who, otherwise, may not have come to you. Businesses can increase their audience and potential customer base even more by enabling coupons at the ATM terminal.

Coupons are a cost-effective way to motivate potential customers to both use your ATM and buy the discounted product or service on the coupon. The coupons may be as simple or complex as the terminal owner wishes depending upon budget. An added bonus to this kind of couponing is that it can generate extra revenue if you wish to coupon and advertise for other local businesses.

Print coupons via receipt. ATMs can be configured to print a simple coupon message and description on customer receipts. Graphics and special fonts can be designed and added, if desired. This option allows the ATM owner to directly control the cost of couponing by deciding what percentage of customers receive a coupon, how long the message is, and how much receipt paper is used during the coupon transactions.

Pre-printed coupons on the back of customer receipt. Thermal receipt paper can be purchased with pre-printed coupons on the back. These are often found in busy shopping centers and malls.

Coupons dispensed via a separate note cassette. Full-size coupons can be loaded and dispensed in the same manner as cash notes. While more expensive than printing via a customer receipt, these coupons are also the most adaptable. Coupons may appear in a variety of colors or designer prints with graphics, logos, border or barcodes. This type of coupon is also easy to change for special events such as holiday sales or when you want to change out promotions.

ATM coupons can help you increase increase sales.....and keep customers coming back regularly. For more information about how ATM coupons can help your location thrive, contact BFC Enterprises today!

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