The Unexpected Health Benefits of Arcade Gaming

Plenty of studies have shown that lack of physical exercise can have adverse effects on children as they grow. While physical activity remains as important as ever, many recent studies show that gaming, especially arcade gaming, has inherent health benefits for both children and adults. Gaming stimulates and soothes the mind in ways that routine exercise cannot.

Improves cognitive abilities. Even the most basic games boost multi-tasking and decision-making skills. Gaming forces one to make spit-second decisions and stand behind them. Whether players choose the correct choices or not, the ability to decide is developed. Decision-making skills are especially beneficial for those in the professional world, where indecisiveness can cause quite a bit of damage.

Improves reflexes and muscle memory. Whether using the simple controls of joystick-style arcade game or more complex controller, playing games builds muscle memory. In turn, this improves reflexes and hand eye coordination which are used in a variety of daily skills, such as typing, driving and tying shoelaces. Studies have even found that in professions that utilize fine motor skills, such as surgeons, gamers outperformed non-gaming students and co-workers by a large margin.

Gaming reduces stress and depression. Studies have found that gamers who suffer from mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, showed a notable improvement in condition after venting their frustrations via playing a video or arcade game. Health professionals have even developed some games that help reduce physical pain in those suffering from chronic illnesses or severe wounds.

Curbs cravings and helps reduce weight. While there are no replacements for a balanced diet and exercise, gaming can help curb cravings. When bored or anxious, many people reach for snacks. Getting out of the house and going to an arcade reduces emotional eating by keeping players engaged mentally and physically. Less snacking means maintaining a healthy weight, or even reducing weight for some people.

No matter what type of venue you operate, gaming can be a healthy part of the mix. Arcade games have many benefits, including health benefits for players, and are likely to attract a more diverse customer base. To find out more about arcade games and whether they are the right fit for your location, contact BFC Enterprises today!

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