A Few Great Reasons to Add Coin-Operated Pool Tables in Your Establishment

Ideal for bars, pubs, game rooms, hotels, college campuses and community centers, pool tables are a great way to expand your customer base and generate more income. Coming in a variety of sizes to suit business needs and space requirements, billiards can be placed in a variety of locations and have been a staple in American culture for decades.

Here are a few great reasons to consider adding a coin-operated pool table to your establishment.

Generate Additional Revenue: Coin operated pool tables generate income on their own. However, the biggest benefit is that billiards keep customers in your establishment longer; increasing revenue per customer. The longer a customer remains in your establishment, the more likely they are to continue purchasing food, drinks and other services. It also keeps them coming back to your establishment.

Increase Customer Loyalty: For locations that do not offer food or drinks, such as a laundromat or movie theater, pool tables give customers something to do while they wait, increasing customer loyalty and generating additional revenue.

Expand Customer Base: Having pool tables in your establishment and hosting pool tournaments are a fantastic way to increase your customer base. Any scheduled gathering is likely to draw new customers – both players and fans – to your location, and tournaments last much longer than a standard game of pool.

Offering specials is another great way to keep customers in your establishment spending money. Restaurants and bars have reported success by employing some of these specials:

  • Free game of pool with a pitcher of beer.

  • Family night where kids play free

  • A free appetizer with the purchase of a certain number of games

No matter what type of venue you operate, billiards can help increase revenue, increase customer loyalty and bring in new customers.

To find out more about coin-operated pool tables and whether they are the right fit for your location, contact BFC Enterprises today!

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