3 Easy Ways to Increase ATM Transactions

Merchants benefit in numerous ways from having an ATM in the establishment, such as having a higher rate of customer retention, increased foot traffic and higher sales. Convenience is a driving force for consumers, and how you treat your ATM can be just as important as the placement of merchandise. If transactions are lagging, consider these easy adjustments to ensure your ATM continues to be profitable.

Place the ATM in a Highly Visible Spot: Placing an ATM in an easy-to-access location could increase transactions between 25% and 35%. Many businesses place terminals near the door so that customers pass the ATM as they come in and out. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at all locations. Merchants can ensure customers are aware of ATM offerings by placing the terminal in direct line-of-sight from the door, near the cashier or in any other high traffic area. Keeping the ATM visible also benefits both customer and the establishment by reducing chances of skimming attacks and other fraud.

Clear the Space Around the ATM: Ultimately, ATMs are placed for profit and customer convenience, not storage. Keeping space clear will enhance the appeal to customers, as well as comply with ADA requirements, which require ATMs to have enough space for a wheelchair to access the terminal without issue. Keeping ample space around the terminal will help customers feel comfortable and reduce chances of injury or lawsuit for merchants.

Wrap the ATM in Attention-Grabbing Graphics: Using branding and graphics can increase ATM profits up to 40%. When a customer trusts the brand displayed, they are more likely to return to the ATM at a later date. Utilizing branding and attention-grabbing graphics on an ATM will draw customer’s attention to the ATM and increasing the volume of transactions. If branding isn’t an option, consider a simple backlit ATM sign to draw attention.

ATMs are an extremely convenient commodity that bring in revenue as well as foot traffic. Most people prefer the convenience of an ATM cash withdrawal over a trip to the bank. To get the most out of your terminal, ensure it is in a clear, visible location so customers see signage and graphics.

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