Increase Transactions with ATM Branding

Statistics show that ATM transactions reflect the simple marketing concept of “get seen or get lost,” especially in visually competitive retail locations like convenience stores. A great way for merchants to increase transactions is partnering with an IAD, financial institution or ATM management company to offer branded terminals. Typical branding options include a branded ATM wrap, a graphic topper, and advertising screens with logos.

According to a recent article on, experts estimate approximately half of U.S. ATMs are not branded, leaving many stock grey or blue units to blend into the background like a chameleon. Attention grabbing graphics on wraps and toppers will draw customer attention, which in turn increases transactions. Some establishments reported as much as a 25% increase in transactions after branding implementation.

Another benefit of ATM branding is that customers who bank with the brand are more likely to seek the ATM out, which increases foot traffic and spending at the location itself.

Branded ATMs also inspire consumer trust even when the terminal is not branded by the financial institution in which they do business with. Effective branding addresses the terminal’s credibility by clearly stating accepted networks, the sponsor bank and contact information for transaction questions. Customers are much more likely to use a terminal with a familiar brand or logo which, in turn, leads to higher transactions.

Branding is a proven method for increasing transactions and profit for ATM owners and the location.

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