Why Cash for Emergencies is Critical

There are countless reasons to keep an emergency fund, both for personal reasons and for your business. In regions that experience seasonal natural disasters, having a stash of cash can guarantee the ability to obtain necessities until life is back on track. Rather than use interest-accruing credit cards to pay unexpected expenses, the best plan is to keep cash on hand.

The American Red Cross lists extra cash - small bills and change – among the basic supplies needed in your emergency survival kit. One of the greatest services local business owners can provide to customers is being cash-ready before the onset of seasonal events like tornadoes, snowstorms, hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes and brush fires.

According to certified financial planner Michael Dubis, “Cash is always important to have, whether it's for an emergency or an opportunity.” Business owners especially can benefit from keeping extra cash accessible and having a stocked ATM on site ahead of natural disasters.

Weather Preparedness. While ATM operators can’t accurately predict the surge in cash demand during an emergency, having a stocked ATM on-site ahead of predicted natural disasters is a plus. ATM availability will draw foot traffic to your location and likely boost business as people prepare for incoming storms. In some instances, such as with customers who use payroll cards or their bank branches have already closed, your terminal may be the only the access consumers have to their money.

Basic Living Expenses. During times of crisis, consumers still need to purchase necessities like food and water. Wide-spread power outages can make it almost impossible for consumers and companies to do business. Keeping physical money accessible means business owners can still sell goods as needed, even if it means tallying inventory and profit by hand, the old-fashioned way.

Business Cash Reserve. Its ideal to have a credit line that can be tapped during emergencies, but for business owners it can be vital to keep several months’ worth of expenses available. Many factors, such as damage to your location and extended power or water outages, can affect the ability to re-open after an emergency, especially for entrepreneurial families who depend solely on income from a private business. Liquid assets can pay basic living expenses and allow for rebuilding as soon as the emergency is over.

In times of crisis, cash is a valuable – and even life-saving – resource. Having an on-site ATM and dependable repair and replenishment services can help you prepare for emergencies and support customers during times of duress.

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