Attract Customers and Keep Them Coming Back with Golden Tee

Golden Tee is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and in the past three decades, the game has grown in popularity to the point where tournaments are being televised on ESPN. For certain venues, likes bars and restaurants, placing a Golden Tee arcade game is a sure way attract customers and earn revenue through contests and promotions.

According the Golden Tee Best Practices Handbook, these are the best ways to make Golden Tee a fan favorite:

  • Hold Online Contests. Players are not required to be on-site at any specific time to compete, online contests are easy to set up and convenient for competitors since they can participate at their leisure. This allows you to market your establishment at customers convenience over the course of days or weeks.

  • Host Live Tournaments. Holding weekly or monthly events that allow players to gather and compete is a great way of promoting your location and drawing consumers to your bar or restaurant. Golden Tee nights are popular with venue owners because of increased game play and higher than normal food and beverage sales.

  • Offer Promotions. Offering discounted games with the purchase of a nightly special or free play after the purchase of a certain number of drinks, are a great way to introduce customers to Golden Tee and draw in new customers.

A combination of online contests, live tournaments and promotions will increase foot traffic to your location and sales, as well as bringing in additional revenue in game play.

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