Benefits of Adding a Prize Hub Ticket Redemption

For many small businesses, exploring additional revenue streams is becoming a necessary part of operations. One way to increase profit is to create a game room with BFC Enterprises’ large selection of amusements and games. Customers are incentivized to stay longer, spend more with added entertainment and keep coming back.

Prize Hub ticket redemption allows any size business to offer a variety of prizes without the extra cost associated with a traditional prize counter. Prize Hub is an automated, sleek, self-contained prize center featuring an intuitive 22” touch screen monitor, the ability to run up to four custom ads to cross promote products and services, and extra storage.

Reduces Payroll Expenses & Storage

Prior to the release of Prize Hub, businesses had to employ someone to count and redeem tickets. This meant additional payroll expenses and bulky prize centers along with storage rooms in the back. With storage in each hub, excess inventory is safe and not taking up valuable space in employee-only areas.

Automates Prize Redemption

Merchants control what’s inside - from candy to electronics, and it allows retailers to determine the prize value, anywhere from 25 to 10,000 tickets. Patrons can redeem tickets or cash in earnings from reusable cards. The user-friendly screen walks patrons through redemption and is just as easy for operators to monitor and stock.

Trackable & Secure

Prize Hub will track the activity to help determine what needs retailers have in their game room and has security features built in. It is also accessibility from mobile devices and computers to provide peace of mind.

Modular Design Can Grow as Your Business Increases

The modular capsule, spindle and locker hubs can be used in virtually any combination. Each hub will attractively display any type prize business owners wish to stock and retailers can add additional hubs as needed as your business grows. Prize Hub can also be mixed and match between the different styles to score the perfect set up for your space.

To view specs and features, click here. Contact BFC Enterprises today to set up a consultation.

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