How an ATM Can Help Attract More Business

More than 85% of U.S. adults have a debit cards and over half use ATMs regularly. If you don’t have an ATM in your business, it’s quite likely your customers are already using an ATM… in another business. By adding an ATM to your offerings, you are providing a convenient service to customers they will appreciate and probably are already using.

Having an ATM in your business can also generate more traffic which, if managed properly, can translate into new customers and more sales.

To increase sales, experts recommend positioning the ATM in a high traffic, visible area, offering impulse items under $10-$25 near the terminal and using the ATM’s advertising features to keep customers coming back.

ATM Positioning

Placement is a key factor of how successful your ATM will be in attracting new and repeat customers. To get the most benefit from having an ATM on-site, it should be easily accessible and strategically placed in a location within sight when customers walk through the door. Wrapping the ATM in bright colors and using signage on the ATM as well as advertising that an ATM is located in the business will also increase visibility and attract customers – both to the business and to the ATM.

Place Impulse Items Near the ATM

Statistics show cash is preferred by several demographic

s including Millennials and Baby Boomers. A report released in June found cash was used heavily for small-value items, representing 49% of payments under $10 and 42% of payments less than $25. Studies also show that up to 25% of the cash withdrawn from the ATM is used in the business to make purchases.

To get the biggest benefit from your ATM, experts recommend impulse items under $10 be displayed near the ATM. This will increase cash sales, especially by visitors that may have come in only to use the ATM.

Using the ATM to Increase Sales

ATMs have a number of features that can help increase sales and keep customers coming back. Coupons on the receipt are easy to install and can help to increase sales of low value, impulse items. Popular promotions on receipts include buy one, get one free or a percentage off offers. ATMs also allow the business owner to install a number of rotating ads on the screen. These ads, which run while the ATM is idle, can be used to promote products and services, and draw attention to the terminal.

BFC Enterprises has the expertise to help you find the right ATM to meet your needs, the ideal location within your business and the make the most of ATM features to help increase sales. Contact BFC today to get an ATM for your business.

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