Make Your Location Sizzle During Football Season

At the store the other day I saw a woman wearing a t-shirt that said, “Fantasy Football Widow.” I couldn’t help laughing but it also reminded me that football is in full swing. A lot of men and women are away from home to spend time watching the game. Whether it’s stopping by the local pub for a cold one to watch the game with friends or bringing the family to dine and stay for the game, many businesses see an influx of patrons during football season.

By adding amusements, businesses can attract new customers and keep them long after the game ends. Consider adding one of the amusements below.

Pool Table – One of the oldest and still highly favored amusement is a pool table. With about 46 million people playing every year, pool tables are a tried and true favorite game that has never gone out of style. To cash in on this investment year-round – not just during football season, holding tournaments and getting a team going is a great way to attract new customers and keep regulars coming back.

Arachnid Galaxy 3 Live Digital Darts – The Galaxy 3 is the latest in digital darts. There are a variety of games that come standard and can handle anywhere from one to eight players. It’s suitable for both beginners and more advanced players, which means any patron can get in on the action. The Galaxy 3 has internet options for casual or league play. With this capability players or teams in your bar or restaurant can compete against other players or teams across town or across the globe.

Golden Tee Live – Golden Tee is an incredibly popular game among all age groups and demographics. For 30 years, Golden Tee has led the pack in virtual golf gaming. The latest release includes new courses, designs and legend John Daly. Holding tournaments will attract new patrons and provide a reason to keep regulars coming back.

With these and other entertainment options, customers will have many reasons to visit your bar or restaurant on a regular basis and stay longer while watching the big game throughout football season.

For more information about adding amusement game placements to your bar or restaurants, contact us today!

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