Keep Customers Coming Back by Hosting a Golden Tee Tournament in Your Venue

Golden Tee is one of the hottest games on the planet. Since its inception 30 years ago, players flock around the virtual golf game after work, on weekends and any time they can. ESPN joined in the Golden Tee momentum earlier this year when it televised the

live from Las Vegas. Bets were even taken on the World Championship, which was held at The Orleans for the second consecutive year. The launch of the Golden Tee app for mobile devices was just announced on

But how can you cash in on Golden Tee? One of the easiest ways is hosting Golden Tee Golf Tournaments at your venue.

Golden Tee tournament nights are happening across the U.S. Search the internet for Golden Tee and you will find an abundance of sites dedicated to the game and its fans. BFC Enterprises has teamed up with PromoNation to make hosting a tournament simple and rewarding for customers and bar owners alike.

By teaming up with PromoNation, BFC Enterprise customers will get the tools needed to attract local consumers, increase participation numbers, increase profits and increase brand awareness. The competitive nature of Golden Tee has helped establish it as one of the best investments for a bar or restaurant owner. A tournament will serve to entice players to come out and play, spend money on food and drinks and keep them coming back week after week.

We recommend setting a date that allows time for ample promotion and using the best practices for rule establishment. Food and drink specials would also be a plus for increased sales. Planning to go live on social media during the tournament and at the winner announcement will create buzz and interaction with your brand. In addition, creating a hashtag specifically for your venue’s Golden Tee event will also help gain attention and interest.

PromoNation also has a player rewards program that will boost repeat customers visits between tournaments. The Loyalty Reward program allows players to earn game gift cards back on every game they play. Players will get gift cards for FREE play when they reach a monthly game total of 50, 100 or 150 games. By incentivizing the players to come back to your location, you will enjoy the increase in traffic and sales leading up to and after the tournament.

To learn more about adding Golden Tee to your venue, contact BFC Enterprises.

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