Can Playing Darts Improve Your Health?

Darts is one of the oldest games around with roots dating back to medieval England. While the game has survived hundreds of years, is it possible the game is healthy for you? Of course, “healthy” is subjective, but some compelling reasons below may have benefits worth exploring.

Hand Eye Coordination – There is no denying that playing darts develops the hand eye coordination of players. Think way back to when you first threw a dart and you may not have even hit the board! But repetition of the game undeniably develops precision and accuracy of the player. In a digital age where cars park themselves, this is an extremely important skill for our brains to keep sharp.

Develops Focus – There are rumors the attention span of humans is slipping to less than goldfish. Darts gives your brain the needed exercise in concentration that our lifestyles lack. Even casual players will develop the skill when aiming for specific targets. Developing the skill of focus can have positive effects in all areas of life.

Stress Relief – According to WebMD, 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress. Our bodies hold stress in and without moving the body and making time for hobbies and other activities, stress can build up. Heading to the local bar and playing darts does several things to relieve built up tension. It moves our focus off our worries, requires little physical exertion and most importantly gives players a night out – away from the stress of everyday life. So, when people say playing darts helps them to unwind, it truly does!

Social Skills & Teamwork – One of the biggest benefits of playing darts is the camaraderie of the game. Joining a darts team will develop the skills necessary not only to win at the game, but to help carry this necessary skill into other areas of life. It’s a game most anyone can play. Families, friends, co-workers and even strangers benefit from playing darts at their neighborhood bar or pub.

BFC Enterprises can bring darts to your location and help you attract new and repeat customers! Arachnid Galaxy 3 Live, a revolutionary digital advanced dartboard features a 19” color monitor, online casual and league gameplay, worldwide play rankings and stats, and a full slate of graphics, sounds and animations, and a full slate of 01 and Cricket games.

With so many new opportunities for head-to-head play, this dartboard is sure to ignite the competitive spark in league and casual players alike… as well as help your customers de-stress and stay healthy!

Contact us to find out how easy it is to add amusements and arcade games to your location.

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