Benefits of Cashless Acceptance for Amusement Games

Could you be missing out on sales because your customers don't have change? What if they don’t want to wait for an employee during busy times to get change?

BFC Enterprises offers solutions to help you recoup these lost transactions and provide exceptional customer service. Our comprehensive cashless technology system ‒ a easy to use credit and debit card payment or reusable swipe card system ‒ will make your operations run smoother and cater to the increasing demands of customers who don’t carry cash.

Increase Revenue

The fun never stops with a cashless acceptance system. An easy to use swipe card or credit or debit card acceptance expedites game play and helps to increase your revenue. Guests enjoy the instant gratification being able to start playing immediately and adding credits to continue playing. It’s more convenient for guests and without the need to make change, they play longer which means more income for you!

Smoother Operations

Cashless acceptance technology also helps you make operating your business more efficient. By using state-of-the-art amusement games that don’t require coins, you’ll benefit from advanced reporting tools and redemption metrics. With robust reporting tools, that can be accessed remotely, you’ll know exactly which games are performing the best, peak play time periods and other metrics that help you make important decisions on which games to add and when more staff is needed. Upgrades, security and more are all performed effortlessly through cloud-based systems.

No more making change, more efficient operations and higher profits are just some of the benefits of adding arcade and amusement games that use reusable swipe cards or accept credit and debit card payments.

Contact BFC Enterprises to learn more about how arcades and amusement games can benefit your business. For a full list of some of our most popular amusements games,


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