Resolve to Save Money in 2022 Using a Cash-Based Budget

Each year, millions of Americans resolve to pay off debt as part of their New Year’s resolution. Consumer debt was at $14-trillion as of the second quarter of 2019. Shockingly, this was the 20th quarter to report an increase. If you are one of the millions drowning in debt, there is hope.

A cash-based budget will help you get out of debt, save for an emergency and cut back on careless spending. There is evidence suggesting the psychology behind using cash for everyday items will help you achieve your goals.

It is easy, but like most resolutions, it will require your diligence and commitment.

Creating a Budget

The first thing you must do is create a budget. This can be painful, but it is crucial to see where you’re spending money and how much you need to live on. So, buckle in, grab all your bills, bank statements, credit card statements and pay stubs.

Not every item will be cash friendly. Your mortgage, rent, car insurance or student loan payments may require a deduction from a bank account. That’s ok – you can budget those accordingly. The point of a cash-based budget is to get a handle on everyday spending.

The key to success, is to budget for everyday purchases like groceries and household items and pay for them with cash. With credit or debit cards its tempting to make impulse buys but when you only have cash, not spending more money than what you have in your wallet cuts back on buying unnecessary items.

Cash Access via the ATM

ATMs are the most convenient and affordable option to obtain cash. You may walk past ATMs and never pay attention. Once you start living a cash-only lifestyle, ATMs will become your best friend. As soon as your paycheck hits the bank, deduct cash at an ATM in your workplace, local convenience store, grocery store, shopping mall or any of the countless businesses that offer ATM service.

Commit to this uncomplicated system in 2022 and you can have the power to take back the money you work so hard for. A cash-based budget will help you get out of debt, save for an emergency and cut back careless spending.

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