4 Benefits of a Cash Discount Programs for Merchants

Ever wondered how to balance surcharges and other hidden fees from credit card companies without breaking the law or forwarding those fees to customers that use cards to buy from your business in the form of higher prices?

The answer might just be a Cash Discount Program.

One hundred percent legal, a cash discount program helps reduce or eliminate card processing fees by providing customers who pay in cash with a discount. Shoppers who pay with a card are charged the regular price.

The Law & Surcharges Fees

While the Durbin Amendment of the Dodd-Frank Act made it illegal to impose a transaction fee on debit, credit and pre-paid card users, there is no law that prevents merchants from giving customers a discount when they pay in cash.

How a Cash Discount Program Work?

When you choose a cash discount program, you set your goods and services at a price that covers the fees applied when a customer chooses to use a card - typically anywhere from two to four percent.

Everyone pays the same price no matter what type of card they use, but customers who pay in cash win with a discount on the goods and services they buy. And, as the business owner you win even more because card processing fees ─ that can cut into your profit margin ─ are covered.

Merchant Benefits

The obvious benefit of this program is lowering or possibly eliminating the fees you pay every time someone pays with a card. However, other notable benefits make a cash discount program ideal for merchants of all kinds – bars, restaurants, retail shops, repair services, etc.

1. Profit Margin Consistency

Profit margins are easier to manage when you have more control over fees. When you choose to use a cash discount program, you are choosing to take control of your business. When you set all your prices with that cost added it takes out the unpredictability and unwanted cost that come with credit card fees, which helps to keep your margins consistent. This makes “keeping the books” a lot easier and allows you to grow your business without distraction or hidden charges.

2. Customer Cash Incentive

When you offer a discount of any type, this is an incentive for people to buy from you – especially those searching for deals. Offering a cash discount not only gives patrons an incentive to buy, but it also gives bargain hunters an incentive to return to your business.

3. More Available Cash

When you invite your customers to pay cash, you will have access to more cash for everyday expenses like payroll and paying suppliers. It also enables you to lower processing times because you can pay what you need with cash on the spot.

4. Reduction in Chargebacks

When a customer has a dispute over a transaction, you foot the bill. As with every dispute, you don’t get paid until the investigation is completed. Reducing the amount of card charges helps lower your risk and can help keep the cash flowing.

We understand the importance of saving money and making the process as simple as possible. That’s why we offer a variety of affordable and hassle-free payment solutions for merchants. Our merchant solutions make sure you get the true cost of any transaction and boosting revenue. Our goal is to make your experience easy and offer a plan that works best for your unique business needs.

Contact us today to find out how much money you can save with a cash discount program.

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